Welcome on this demo site of JEM-Joomlaeventmanager, the best free eventmanager for Joomla

You can see here our modules and some contents. Some are only images, the content is disabled because the danger of abuse on this demo.
This site is built only with free Joomla!4 template Purity IV. Here the colors in this (standard) style are similar to the legacy style. But it is easy to change the colors of background, borders and fonts.

JEM can work together with:

Community Builder (free) with 2 special plugins for JEM

JComments (free) works with our actualized plugin

BreezingForms (free). You need some known overrides to add a form.

Google Maps or Openstreetmap: There are two new possibilities: Embedded OSmap and Link to external OSmap (not visible here).

Booking System: We have now a new booking system. A user who is logged in can book several places (e.g. for family members).

We were able to adapt our plugin for Acymailing5 (starter, free). It works without errors and deprecated on php 8. AcyMailing has a lot of deprecated notifications with php 8.2.
I hope, we can make JEM compatible with the new Acymailing 8 Starter too. Bad news: Acy says there are not enough interests, to add an add-on for JEM. If you are interested, please send them feature requests!

There are 10 JEM specific customfields for events and 10 customfields for venues. They are only visible, when they are used. It's up to the administrator to fill these fields with adequat names in language overrides. The first event custom field e.g. for the artist.

An interessent possibility is the following: You use the Archive with archived events as reviews. You change the event description (add pictures/results) and have a nice memory for this event.


Jem listevents plugin

with this plugin you can insert a list of events into an article, like here:


JEM - Module-Wide

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